Unuk, great travelers


When Edu visited us to begin this adventure, we felt fortunate to have a well-travelled and wise man count on us and entrust us with his new idea.

He explained his brand as follows:

“We are passionate about travelling and learning about other cultures and lifestyles. That is why we support sustainable tourism, which provides us with the necessary inspiration for the creation of our products. We care about the environment and the protection of the planet. Because of that, we try to minimize our environmental footprint with a “zero plastic” policy in decorative elements, components and packaging.”

With him, we have created the name, an abbreviation of “Unukalhai”, the double star within the constellation of Serpens that can be seen from earth with the naked eye. As he defines it: “Unuk reminds us of the great adventure that travelling can become. Although our cultures and ourselves are far apart, we all look at the same stars at night, which brings us closer and closer as beings on the same planet”. And we developed a mind-blowing branding project.

With him, we have analyzed the points of contact with the client so as to provide them with a good experience at every step and focusing on the benefit. We have designed the brand and the digital and physical identity of the fantastic products he is producing locally and sells through this great website we have programmed and adapted for a comfortable and safe experience where one can buy with a just single click.

With him, we have developed the strategy of the brand in its digital launch and accompanied him when in doubt, shared happiness and surprises in the social and intercommunicated world.

www.unuk.es, the small shop of a new brand for great travelers.

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