Talmundo is a Dutch company specialized in the development of HR-oriented apps, providing really useful technology to this end.

“At Talmundo, we bring our own professional HR expertise, we mix into a strong development team and add a dose of good design to bring to your organization a tool for the human resources department you will definitely want to use and implement. In the end, we know that if technology is not easy to use, most people will simply not use it.”

Talmundo entrusted us the design of their applications interface taking into account the usability and user experience. They also asked us to implement operational demos in HTML in order to communicate the functionality of their products and highlight the fact that they are customizable with their customers’ corporate image.
These applications are 100% responsive and also come with a version for ipad that takes advantage of this device’s own features as the facility to record voice an ongoing job interview, take a picture, … while the computer navigation version is more keyboard-based.

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