Paper Lover, an application made with love.




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Paper Lover, an application made with love.

The design and launch of the first mobile app has been our biggest and best challenge this past 2013. Guillermina Rosés, a young entrepreneur and intern at Artimaña one summer, called us to take part in the project. It has been outright teamwork led from Artimaña by Cristina Martin-Lunas.

The project has been developed from a branding point of view: Application interface, product packaging the client receives, product photographs made with Elena Claverol. And finally, we created the landing page, online strategy and launch in Social Networks. The app for Android is about to be released (so far only available for iPhone) so we will tell you what 2014 had in store for us.

The results obtained in this project in the first two months are, 2,300 fans on FB, 161 followers on Twitter and 663 followers on Instagram. An average of 2,500 visits on the landing page and 1,800 monthly users of the application for IOs. Regarding SEO positioning, we have ensured in our project that all searches on Google where for “Paper Lover” specifically (name quite generic and complicated when positioning).

You can download the application here

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