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Guillermo Morales commissioned us and transmitted the thrill of his new project. His briefing was this fantastic letter explaining his case: “I am Cuban. A professional journalist. About 15 years ago I arrived in this country full of hopes like you, who are surely an immigrant like me. At first, it was very difficult; I suppose like everyone else, who came to Spain, in search of a better future for ourselves and our families. Over time I realized that I was never an “illegal” but that I was in an “irregular situation” even though the newspapers and their readers, the television and its viewers, radios stations and their listeners said that those who were like me were simply “illegal” (…). Then I realized that my future was in reaching out to people who, like me at the beginning, were also trying to break through hopes and frustrations. After several years, I decided to open my own consultancy firm with the collaboration of excellent professionals and lawyers; experts in all branches of law. (…) Today, I have a an ID that says that I am Spanish and a passport that says that I am still Cuban. But, oddly enough, even my own ID says in its reverse that my province of birth is Cuba; a curious thing because since 1898, Cuba ceased to be a province of the Kingdom of Spain. When I first looked at my Spanish ID I felt anger and I confess that I even hated those words: “Province: Cuba”.

“Today, however, I do not dislike it. What’s more, it makes me happy because it reminds me of who I am and where I come from. And perhaps, for these reasons, you can find at Legalteam a group of responsible and serious people who can advise you in immigration matters and other branches of law (labor, criminal, commercial, civil …) and we can state with great certainty that we know how to put ourselves into your shoes.

With this briefing it was easy to find the positioning of their identity: “Legalteam, we put ourselves into your shoes”.
Thus we started a fruitful and successful story, from corporate identity to the website and SEO positioning, investing in online campaigns, RRSS and contents, in a sustained manner over time, with patience but also with persistance, convinced that it would become the consultancy firm for foreigners with more followers in Spain. And the numbers prove it: More than 120,000 followers on Facebook with a participation rate and reach well above average, with more than 1 million unique monthly visits to the web, especially with the number of customers constantly growing. One of the most beautiful hits we’ve had!

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