Google adwords for SMEs

For a small business, Google AdWords campaigns can be a very successful method to direct traffic to their website, market their product and ultimately increase sales. We give you some guidelines on this subject:


1. Get to your customer when looking for your product

The goal of any business, regardless of its size is to appear in the top positions of searches related to your products or services.

Google Adwords allows you to appear with those phrases or keywords that you choose. This way you reach your client when you have a specific need that you can satisfy.



2. Reach your local customer

If your business is local, Adwords allows you to geolocalize your target and that way you do not invest in those people who are not close to you.

You can mark the location of your business and put a radius of action of the number of km that interest you.

Here is an example of a campaign within a 20km radius of the business to promote that we have chosen:
radio de acción

You can also choose specific populations to add to your range of action.


3. Muestra tu localización

Mapa Casa Calvet


4. Show your contact information

Using “Ad extensions” you can add such important data as:

– Your location

– Product sheets. To do this, you must register with Google Merchant Center which is a service that allows you to upload data from your store and its products to Google so Google Shopping, among other Google services, can access them.

– Links from your site. Following our example of a restaurant campaign, we can link to the menu, with some landing page that has a promotion, etc ….

– Phone call. By putting our phone number with this utility, users who surf with a mobile or have a system of calls from the computer, with a click can call to make your reservation without dialing your number.

– If our business has a specific website for mobile phones or tablets we can also show it.

– Customer Reviews. Displays the third party reviews to our local or business. (Not available in all countries yet)


5. Searches with very specific objectives

As a local business, it is important to look for the most accurate Keywords possible. These are words or phrases that you choose to display your ads. When you choose your Keywords, you must think about your client and what words he or she would use to find your service or offer. You can include as many keywords as you want, but Google is suggested to use a maximum of 20.

If you have doubts about which keywords to choose, you can use the Keyword Planner; A tool that provides ideas for keywords and traffic estimates that is accessed through your Google Adwords account.

The search terms report gives you information about what users were looking for when they saw your ad and clicked on it. This information can help you to suppress low performing keywords or add new ones.


You are ready to write your ad and find you.

If you need more help leave us a message or call us and we prepare your campaign and guide you in your online marketing strategy.

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