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We have been walking Sephora through its digitization process since 2013 and covered all levels of communication, summarizing it in the selection of photos you have seen.

Together with the CRM department, we have worked to improve and nurture the loyalty program for new users through landing pages with data collection forms programmed to communicate directly with the database API, automatically adding the new memberships, discriminating the existing ones and capable of sending customized messages for each case, always with responsive programming and bearing in mind all types of devices and making a special version for mobiles. The number of downloads increased significantly with these actions.

In addition, we have designed hundreds of newsletters aimed at members of the Sephora loyalty program. Sephora newsletters, tutorials, exclusive brands, etc…

This collaboration was completed with images for their Social Networks and, of course, all the necessary banners to keep the website veeeeeery up to date.

With all this, we aim to unify the brand experience, bringing people from networks to the store and from the store to the social networks to build a relationship that transcends the mere act of purchasing and position the Sephora brand as the meeting point of the conversation about beauty.

These are some of our objectives with sephora and we are very pleased they chose us to undertake such project.

It is a matter of continuing with the content strategy that Sephora Spain set, positioning itself as the “meeting point for beauty talk”; a strategy as the brand itself: excellent, audacious and emotional. We will create a dialogue with beauty lovers in order to drive traffic to the shops.

In addition, and to consolidate the project, we will continue to innovate and seek social media opportunities and new technologies to develop the business. We will expand the Sephora experience to all channels by making the beauty community grow.

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