Changes in Facebook algorithm push users to email marketing

There are so many changes you have done lately in your Facebook algorithm that many wonder if it is still the most interesting social network for brands.

One of the advantages that Facebook had for brands, was that when a fan of our page did like in our post, all his friends appeared on his wall that in turn punctured in like and so it was viralized. One of the changes that were made long ago in the algorithm made your likes only displayed on the walls of some friends, thus reducing the virality so sought after by the brands. Well, from now on Facebook announces that it will start to eliminate from the news feed the news marked by what friends do within Facebook. This means that the updates that appeared on the wall and that your friend commented on this and your friend liked this or that update and you will not see them, because they consider that users of the social network do not like.

Another bad news for brands is that Facebook will start to prioritize what updates friends over everything else. They explain it by saying that “This second update tries to ensure that content posted directly by friends you care about, such as photos, videos, status updates or links, are higher in the news feed to make it less likely That you lose them “. Therefore the contents of the pages are relegated to a last place.

These changes will begin to be implemented over the next few weeks.

Nate Elliot, a Forrester analyst has come to tell brands to forget about Facebook and recommended to stop focusing all of their customer relationship efforts on Facebook. Why? Because studies show that people who want to be in touch with your brand are twice as willing to register in your emailing database as to interact with you on Facebook. In addition your emails are delivered 90% of the time while your Facebook posts do 2% and also nobody is waiting to write what you can or can not say by email. If you have to choose between adding a new subscriber to your list of recipients of emails or a new fan on facebook, always choose the first one.

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