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A project we developed for more than two years to implement the Corporate Identity in Spain for the French company BigMat. The ultimate goal was to create a complete identity manual that would easily and intuitively solve the group’s corporate image and communication needs.

Here is a summary of the story:

The BigMat flagship was created in 1981 by independent entrepreneurs from Almacenes de Materiales de Construcción (Building Materials Stores). Despite losing some of their identity, they realized that only by combining their efforts would they effectively evolve in the market. BigMat project was implemented in the Iberian Peninsula through Spain in 1998. From this date, a strong positioning and a significant growth has developed throughout the Peninsula, hitting a 7% market share in Spain at present. That is why BigMat is the undisputed leader within its sector and a clear international benchmark.

The project was developed in different phases but not exactly ordered in time since we had to meet specific needs such as the stand at Construmat without having developed all the previous phases.

From the logo to commercial stationery, etc., manuals of packaging and point of sale. A total of 12 catalogues. The interior design one, offering highly customized solutions such as:

Labeling of products and price tags: We have taken into account the great diversity of products and formats of presentation, hence providing a wide variety of systems for bag customization, stickers … up to packing tape, etc.; customized pieces that form a strong brand image when together. One of the manual’s objectives is to offer associates an effective system for price tagging and product referencing. We also created a Big Mat system where the customer is easily and comfortably informed. Likewise, it has also solved the need warehouses have to distinguish the products among standard prices, those on sale or in clearance sale, thus avoiding the misinterpretation of labels at each and every warehouse.

Signage and POS: Most of the products that BigMat stores commercialize need to be applied or in action. The budget constraints at warehouses do not allow for expensive photo shoots of the products and must rely on images from manufactureres or search for low quality desktop publishing solutions. Specific issues of brand exposure were also developed in order to benefit economically from these spaces. This phase of the project was aimed at creating a series of media supports that would unify the signage of the different manufacturers. Also, it would create BigMat generic models to support specific range of products with specific spaces and to include specific information.

The signage and exhibition elements have been unified, obtaining a hierarchical and more powerful communicative criterion and providing the entire range of products in an orderly manner.

Vehicles: A labeled vehicle is an excellent billboard to strengthen a brand image and for highly strategical branding and positioning actions. The objective of this phase has been twofold: To spread the “BigMat Asociado” brand by means of new institutional slogans, and the “BigMat Group” logo, associated to their activity, with the customization of the different fleets.

We also designed tailor-made apparel for warehouse staff, uniforms for sector fairs and specific merchandising for large customers or to publicize the brand at large-scale events.

Publications: It was urgent to have printed material to communicate the size of BigMat as a group. All the printed communication material from advertising pages to brochures, catalogs, etc., was specified in a specific manual, as well as the standardization of the brand for pooled communication.

Take a short tour of one of the warehouses:


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