Digital Strategy for Beginners

The first step into the digital world

Our clients, (small, medium and large companies, entrepreneurs,…) who start in the digital world, need a lot of strategy, patience and understanding. We train them in basic digital skills so that they can communicate better with their clients in a world absolutely new to them and we help them trace their route to enter the digital world with a good start.
At Artimaña, we know that:

Concepts like SEO, Analytics, Social media, etc. become relevant subjects on the Internet and are needed for a better and greater relationship with potential customers. There is no other way around it: We must prioritize digital marketing over any other communication strategy.

We direct our services to ensure that our customers’ brands achieve the objectives set. We will guide them with a customized work plan in which we jointly:

Develop a strategic plan of the brand: Research and Brand Strategy.

Design the brand: Naming and Corporate Identity with a Basic Implementation Manual.

Create a Corporate Website.

Design the E-Flagship Store: Design and programming of E-Commerce / M-Commerce, Newsletter and identity in their RRSS.

And finally, we will develop an online Strategic Plan that will include: Newsletters, Content, SEO Positioning and Community Management.