A theater company with its own theater hall in Barcelona and a theater production, training and experimentation center. The ATRIUM room/hall is the mainstay of the ATRIUM project.

After two and a half years of work, the Atrium hall was inaugurated on January 26, 2011. The hall ensures an intimate and special relationship with the audience through direct communication, facilitating the vital experience of a show for all: the artistic team, the technician and the audience. Its capacity and characteristics make it unique and cozy, facilitating the exchange of ideas and shared concerns.

The founders of the Atrium hall are Mireia Trias, Patricia Mendoza, Carlos Duran and Raimon Molins.

We were responsible for the design and the programming of the corresponding Sala Atrium and Atrium Compañía websites to project their work on the internet. In addition to the theatrical shows, one can consult the program of the resident musical company “Atrium Ensamble” and the specific program aimed at the youngest family members. They are currently developing the annual Despertalab series: The series aims to support the most active and emerging theatrical scene in Catalonia, a way to bring forth visionary and interesting works from creators seeking to generate new scenic and dramatic art forms.

One of the most useful tools has proven to be a calendar that allows users to manage and see the full season program at a glance.

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